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Code of Conduct
At École Dr. Knox Middle School, we recognize that each student and situation is unique and we will always strive to ensure that our school is a safe, caring and orderly environment in which to learn and work. As students age and mature, the expectations for acceptable behaviour will increase accordingly. The code of conduct at Dr. Knox Middle School is based on the following balance of rights and responsibilities.



​Students have the right to learn.
Students have the responsibility to actively participate and be responsible learners.
Some examples include:
  • attending classes consistently and being on time
  • coming prepared for class and ready to work
  • putting forth a strong effort and participating actively
  • staying focussed and not distracting others
  • completing assignments and staying organized
Students have the right to be respected.
Students have the responsibility to respect others (not to bully, tease, pick on, or harass others).
Some examples include:
  • being polite and listening actively to others
  • being welcoming, kind and inclusive of others
  • being accepting and respectful of differences
  • being honest and trustworthy
  • being a helpful bystander, not a hurtful bystander
  • promptly reporting incidents of bullying, harassment or intimidation to a trusting adult
Students have the right to be safe.
Students have the responsibility to behave in a safe manner and to protect the safety of others.
Some examples include:
  • walking calmly; no running in the hallways
  • staying in the designated areas
  • playing safely
  • reporting dangerous situations to staff, including the possession of banned items
​Students have the right to privacy and security of personal space.
Students have the responsibility to respect the property and privacy of others (students, staff and community).
Some examples include:
  • not touching other people's property without permission
  • respecting personal boundaries
  • taking and sharing digital images and/or videos respectfully and with direct permission only
Students have the right to use student equipment and property.
Students have the responsibility to use the equipment and property according to all applicable rules and with care and respect.
Some examples include:
  • cleaning up properly including garbage and recycling
  • asking before borrowing items
  • returning materials promptly and neatly
  • showing respect for spaces, furniture and equipment

Responsible Use of Technology

The purpose of using network services and digital technologies while in educational settings is to engage in responsible educational activities.  Therefore, the use of personal technology devices, school technologies, and district network services requires students to abide by the school's Code of Conduct and procedures, as well as Central Okanagan Public Schools: Policy 486 (Student Use of Network Services and Digital Technologies)   

Some examples of responsible use with district and personal devices include the following:

  • ​Act responsibly when accessing technology and district networks, including the Internet in their school.
  • Use technology equipment and property according to all applicable rules and with care and respect.
  • Engage in appropriate use as directed by school staff.
  • Respect the safety and privacy of self and others and do not provide personal contact information about themselves or other students.
  • Treat others with respect and kindness when using digital devices and network services.
  • Respect resource limits of the network services and do not engage in activities that jeopardize the integrity, security or performance of the network.
  • Understand the importance of privacy and security and take all reasonable precautions when accessing network services and digital technologies.

The use of Personal Technology Devices, School Technology, and District Networks is a privilege and usage may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct. Schools will not be held responsible for any misplaced, lost, stolen, or broken items brought to school by students. Use of network services and digital technologies which violate the terms outlined in policy and/or the School's Code of Conduct may result in serious consequences including definite or indefinite suspensions and/or police intervention.

​Students are not required to have cell phones or personal devices at school. Technology resources are provided by the school when appropriate for educational purposes. Students may use the student phone, at the school, after receiving permission from the office. Teachers may give permission, in exceptional circumstances, for students to bring their cell phones/personal devices to class and to use them for educational purposes only. If parents need to contact their child during class/instructional time due to an emergency, we would ask that they contact the school office.


Inappropriate Behaviours:

Inappropriate behaviour can consist of, but is not limited to:
  • interfering with the learning of others, including their emotional well-being
  • rudeness, swearing, defiant behaviour
  • acts of bullying, harassment, intimidation or retribution
  • lack of respect for others including discrimination in any form, teasing and name calling
  • spreading rumours and gossiping (in person and also electronically)
  • physical violence including fighting (or play fighting)
  • throwing objects (rocks, sticks, snowballs etc.)
  • littering 
  • running in the halls
  • public displays of affection in a romantic or sexual nature
  • wearing clothing in violation of dress-code guidelines
  • theft or property damage
  • truancy and/or leaving school grounds without authorized permission
  • possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substances including but not limited to drugs, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapourizers, lighters and/or other related paraphernalia
  • possession or use of weapons 
Forms of unacceptable conduct cited above are only some examples and not an all-inclusive list.
 No Vaping image.jpg
Major Infractions:

The school's administration will become involved with students regarding major infractions of the Code of Conduct (i.e. smoking including e-cigarettes and vapourizers, energy drinks, drugs, alcohol, fighting/physical violence, weapons, vandalism, acts of intimidation or retribution and overt or repeated defiance). Parents will be contacted and informed of disciplinary procedures involving their own children. A suspension may occur as a result of a major violation. The RCMP will be contacted if necessary and an indefinite suspension may result. Such incidents will be dealt with in accordance with School Board Policy and Regulations on Discipline. In a report of illegal or dangerous acts, the school reserves the right to search a student, locker, phone, vehicle and belongings.


Consequences for Unacceptable Conduct:

Consequences will be applied in a fair and consistent manner, with consideration given to individual rights, responsibilities, age, maturity and individual needs of the student. Frequency and severity of the behaviour will also influence the school's response. Whenever possible, consequences will be preventative and restorative rather than punitive in nature.​

Some examples of consequences for inappropriate behaviour include:
  • review of the expectations and a timeout/reflection opportunityDiscipline Model.JPG
  • review of the expectations, written assignment and/or loss of privileges
  • restorative acts to repair harm and/or give back to the school community
  • parents are notified
  • meeting with parent
  • consultation with police and/or fire department as needed
  • definite suspension (up to and including ten school days, in school or at home)
  • indefinite suspension (in excess of ten school days). Indefinite suspensions are referred to the Board's District Suspension Review Committee

Students are expected to abide by the school code of conduct when travelling to and from the school and also during extra-curricular activities. Accordingly, students may be disciplined for violations which occur off of school property and outside of instructional hours if such violations adversely affect students or the operation of any school.


Safe and Caring School Environments:

Are free from acts of:
  • bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and marginalization
  • threat and intimidation
  • violence in any form
  • abuse in any form
  • discrimination in any form including race, colour, gender, gender identity and expression, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, ancestry or national origin
  • retribution against a person who has reported incidents
Do not tolerate the presence of:
  • theft and vandalism
  • intoxicating or banned substances
  • weapons or replica (toy) weapons and explosives
  • intruders or trespassers - all visitors to the school must first report to the office


As circumstances warrant, administrators or teachers have a responsibility to advise other parties following a behaviour incident:
  • parent of a student exhibiting major behaviours
  • parent of a student who has been involved in conduct-related incidents
  • District staff including Directors, Safe Schools Team Members and Superintendent of Schools
  • Ministerial agencies and/or School Liaison Officers (Police)
École Dr. Knox Middle School Code of Conduct has been structured to align with and adhere to the standards outlined in:
  • The School Act 85(1.1) 168 (2) (s.1) Provincial Standards Ministerial Order 276/07, effective October 17, 2007
  • BC Human Rights Code, (SD 23 Policy 450 and Regulation No. 450 - Discrimination Toward and by Students)
  • Central Okanagan School District Policy 455 and Regulation 455 - Discipline
  • Central Okanagan School District Policy 486 - Student Use of Electronic and Social Media Communication
  • BC Ministry of Education: Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools A Guide (Nov. 2008) and Developing and Reviewing Codes of Conduct: A Companion (Aug. 2007), both found at

Please refer to our Stude​nt/Parent Handbook for other important procedural information at École Dr. Knox Middle School.