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News Item

Student Illness

December 04, 2015

​As you might expect, with the change in season, we are experiencing a greater volume of students who are not feeling well and need to go home during the school day. It is very important that students communicate with their supervising teachers if they are feeling ill and if necessary, that they report to the office. If they continue to feel ill, the office staff will contact parents to arrange pick up. Recently, we have had a number of students contacting parents directly from classes, by text message, without teachers or office staff even being made aware by the students that they are feeling ill. This presents some logistical challenges for us as a school and it's much easier to manage if we are able to contact parents as needed. Sometimes, once students have an opportunity to take a rest in the medical room, they are able to transition back to classes with minimal disruption. If not, we are happy to call parents/guardians to make arrangements.

We appreciate your understanding and support with this concern and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.