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Student Recognition

Based on conversations with students, staff and parents, we have determined the following common objectives regarding student recognition.

Students, staff & parents would like to…

  • recognize students for diverse accomplishments within our school community
  • use class-based recognition strategies so we can recognize more students for personalized success and growth
  • include civic-type recognition categories including citizenship, kindness, contribution etc.
  • gather together for whole-school celebrations at multiple points throughout the year
  • align our practices of student recognition with our school goal of Belonging & Connectedness
  • recognize accomplishments in relation to revised curricular expectations, including core competencies (thinking, personal & social, communication)

We know that each student learns at a different pace and each learner has unique strengths, challenges and needs. We value the hard work and effort that students demonstrate on a daily basis and we want to acknowledge their effort, growth, achievement and citizenship.


Class-Based Recognition
  • Students and teachers co-create criteria for common recognition categories to be celebrated in the classroom environment. Some categories might include core & curricular competencies, achievement, improvement/growth, contribution, service, kindness.
Whole-School Recognition
  • Recognition/celebration assemblies will be held three times per year. This will offer a venue to recognize student accomplishments in a variety of curricular and extra-curricular programs.