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Dr. Knox Middle
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Dr. Knox Athletic Team Coaches (2016-2017)

​Please contact Mr. Demug, Athletic Director, if you have any questions or concerns at 870.5130, Ext. 2100​ or at Email and voicemail contact information for any Dr. Knox staff coach or sponsor can be found on our Staff Directory page.
This list is subject to change.
Sport/Grade Level/Gender​​​
Volleyball 9 - Male
Francis Braam
Sept - Nov
Volleyball 9 - Female
Matt Heyworth
Sept - Nov
Volleyball 8 - Male
Volleyball 8 - Female
Volleyball 7 - Male
Michael Gray
Sept - Nov
Volleyball 7 - Female
Jeff Davies
Sept - Nov
Field Hockey 8/9- Female
Brian Demug & Chris Bowen
Sept - Nov
X-Country Running
Cory Aitken & Aaron Stariha
Sept - Nov
Rugby 8 - Male
no team this year
Sept - Oct
Wrestling 8/9 Male & Female​Al McAvena​Nov - Feb
Basketball 9 - Female
Lucas Walker
Nov - March
Basketball 9 - Male
Francis Braam
Nov - Feb
Basketball 8 - Male
Nov - Feb
Basketball 8 - Female
Nov - Feb
Basketball 7 - Female
Nov - Feb
Basketball 7 - Male
Francis Braam
Dec - March
Field Hockey 7 - Female
Brian Demug & Chris Bowen
Track and Field
Sandra McIlmoyle & Randy Ellis
Dave Roberts
Field Hockey
Our school offers field hockey for girls in all grade levels. The grade eights and nines will enjoy their season in the fall, while the grade sevens will have their fun in the spring. The girls will have coaching help from older players who played on teams in the past. Players will be required to attend weekly practices, and games.


Rugby is a very tough sport! If you're not ready to be pushed and crushed under dog piles of people, this is not the sport for you. Both grade eights and nines will be offered a chance to represent our school as part of our rugby team. Our school’s rugby teams have a very good reputation and we would like to keep it this year.

Golf Team

The golf team will be open for students of all grades and genders. We would like to stress that this team is not a "learn to play" opportunity, but rather a competitive team.  Students will be required to pay a fee (covers prizes and dinner), have their own set of golf clubs and be familiar with proper course etiquette.


We will compete against other schools, both in our gym and their gyms. Volleyball is a great way to have fun and get a good workout at the same time. You will be required to put in time before and after school. This is a good chance to learn the basics of the sport, and also some complicated plays and techniques.

Track and Field

The students will be required to practice after school one day a week. They will also compete once a week against other school at the Apple Bowl. Students who do not want to compete also have the option of just attending practices. Our school is very proud of our extremely strong Track and Field team. The cost for these events is $10.00, and this will cover all meets and competitions.


Basketball is offered to all grade levels and has both boys and girls teams. Basketball is one of Dr. Knox’s most popular sports, and we hope that lots of people are interested in this opportunity.  Grade 8 and 9 basketball runs from Nov - Feb while the Grade 7's go from Jan - Spring Break.  

Cross Country Running

This is a great chance to work on your cardiovascular system. Students will learn and be trained for long distance runs. They will also attend a meet at the end of their training. If you do not like running, don’t sign up for this event! Training will be vigorous, and a lot of dedication will be required. But for students who do not want to participate in the competition can just come out to practices.  

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